You Have To Take The Good With The Bad,
Smile When You're Sad,
Love What You've Got And Remember What You've Had...
Always Forgive But Never Forget,
Learn From Your Mistakes But Never Regret...
People Change, Things Go Wrong,
But Just Remember Life Goes On...


jackson & mark kiss on the cheek
in which jaebum gets rejected too

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K-POP hit songs from 2008-2012 in 12 minutes 

I remember when ALL of these came out lol kpop hipster 

The first song got me.

This makes me depressed. 



Yay! It’s back on my dash!

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"Hello, I’m fine~ and you?
I’m a boy, you are a gull girl.”

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’…feat. Oh Sehun


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EXO’s offstage highnotes

'MAMA' - D.O, Baekhyun, Chen

'Wolf' - Luhan, Baekhyun

'Showtime' - Lay

'Ohh' - D.O

'Growl' - D.O, Tao, D.O

'Baby, Don't Cry' - D.O

'Ahhh' - D.O

Anonymous asked
i dont really think exo deserved to win the daesang? like im not trying to be mean but it should have gone to shinee. these awards shows are honestly so biased and only look towards popularity scale. exo wins over these huge artists and theyre not even as professionally talented as other artists. sorry but its really unfair how other artists who actually are really talented have to be buried in exo's popularity like this.


I don’t really think the awards shows are being biased right now the biased one seems to be you.

I think it’s unfair that people are judging Exo this badly. I think the problem lays with them being from SM. A lot of people think that they were given everything on a silver plate. That they didn’t move a single finger or dropped sweat to gain all the success and fame they have to this day. You’re wrong.

  • Members trained from 2-7 years.
  • The dance line has had to perform with busted waists/knees.
  • The vocal line has had to overuse their voices to a point where kyungsoo is struggling to hit high notes.
  • They’ve had to put up with sasaengs and that one anti cafe. 
  • They fly in and out of the country frequently and have to deal with airport mobs.
  • Be picked on because of the sudden rise of popularity.
  • Have little to no time to rest. 

The daesang award isn’t based on mere popularity it is based on which artist has sold the most album copies throughout the whole year. It so happens that Exo sold more than a million copies. So lay off on that part please.

"exo wins over these huge artists and theyre not even as professionally talented as other artists."

Says who? you? Excuse me while i laugh. Like i’ve said before they’ve had to perform with injuries.

Kai has had his injuries act up during lives yet he still kept performing.

Lay has fallen down in performances and kept performing as well.


So don’t say that they’re not deserving of this award.

"sorry but its really unfair how other artists who actually are really talented have to be buried in exo’s popularity like this."


Are we really going to go there? If they’re popular then they must be doing something right. People will like what they want, you have no say in that. You just can’t tell someone to stop liking Exo just because you don’t like them. Do you really think that if they weren’t something special, they’d be recruited by the most difficult to get into label within the big three? No, i don’t think so. 

Look back at the Mama era and now at the current Growl/MiD era. They’ve improved so much. The choreos and the music, all of it improved. They may not have had a good debut concept but during the one year hiatus they gained fans and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Wolf was an improvement of Mama but once Growl came out it all set a new bar. Growl is something refreshing to the music scene right now. They brought back some r&b and the old kpop feel back. You hate them, but not only does Korea love them but people from all over the world do. 

You don’t like Exo, that’s ok but it doesn’t mean that you can go around and say that they aren’t hardworking and that they’re not deserving of such an award. 

Shinee recently won ‘artist of the year’ and all i saw on my dash was Exo fans congratulating the shawols non stop and celebrating with them. Both of the fandoms came together to celebrate the wins. 

Why are you raining on Exo’s and their fans’ parade when they joined your joy when you won the award you’ve been aiming at for years? Shinee took three awards home, you’re being a bit too greedy.